Closeups in Nature: Macro Photography

<p>Learn to capture fascinating close-up pictures in your own backyard</p>

Lalit Deshmukh

Lalit Deshmukh is a professional fine art nature photographer living in Pune, India. Lalit conducts classroom,outdoor photography workshops as well as photo tours across India.

About The Session

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<p>One of the very enjoyable type of Nature photography is to spot and capture the little beautiful, interesting characters in your camera. In this lecture we talk about how to take pictures of macro subject including flowers, insects or foliage. We will discuss the field guide as well as the process on the field for the macro photography different types of tools available and various techniques. We will address different problems during photographing macro subjects and how to solve them.</p> <p>This will also include the hands on experience on using macro lenses as well as macro feature in some cameras.</p>